Software Architecture, Development 
and Consulting

Over 30 years of experience and proven product development, project management and 
enterprise-level database design and architecture

IT Development and Project ​Management Services

Online Application Development

  Over 25 years of application development experience creating sophisticated internet-based applications for the insurance, banking, B2B exchange, communications and publishings industries. We take pride in integrating the best technology stack for the desired IT solution. We employ 100% on-shore development solutions, as well as carefully managed offshore solutions with experienced development groups.    

MobilE Application Devlopment

As early adopters of Google’s Flutter mobile application framework, we have developed a number of sophisticated cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile applications. Hundreds of thousands of developers have also embraced this new framework, ensuring the technology will have a promising future and will allow them to leverage its advanced capabilities to quickly create sophisticated mobile app solutions well into the future.

Project Management Cons​ulting

20-plus years of experience implementing PMI’s project management framework and methodologies in the information technology, insurance, banking, communications and publishing fields. All aspects of project management from onboarding (initiating) to postmortem (closing) are documented and executed for all projects we manage. 

Language and Server Tools We Use

PytHon, Django and Flask

Python Ecosystem

Python and python-based frameworks such as Django and Flask se rve as the primary backend technologies for most of our current development projects. Auto-generated administrative mod u les in Django drastically reduce database administration and migrations during all stages of product development.

C#, C++, C, Javascript

"Curly Braces" Languages

We have extensive experience implementing CLI and GUI-based applications using virtually all of the modern “curly braces” languages introduced over the past 30-40 years.We have 20-plus years developing sophisticated application using C# and JavaScript – and yes, we also create solutions using PHP.

Postgresql, Mysql and MSSQL

Modern RDBMS

Since 1990, when we published our first database technical journal, we have been involved with the development and architecture of sophisticated enterprise and ecommerce applications using the latest and most modern relational database management solutions.

Dart and Flutter

Mobile App Design

We embraced Google’s Flutter mobile application design fr amework early during its development process and have to-date developed a number of sophisticated cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile applications – all using the same coe base.